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Our Staff

Supported by dozens of wonderful volunteers, our staff work hard to bring our community the dynamic arts programming you have come to expect from us.


Meg Colbert -- Executive Director

EAC Executive Director Meg Colbert was born and raised in New York City, where she gained an early appreciation of the arts. Spending the majority of her career in the museum services and art logistics industry, she spent many years working in museums, galleries, and artist’s studios helping to facilitate the complex work of moving art and cultural objects for exhibitions. In 2021, she and her husband purchased a home in Eastport, and in May of 2022 they moved up full time with their son, her parents, and various pets. With an educational background that includes art history and library and information science, she looks forward to supporting the EAC’s mission of expanding arts access as the Executive Director.


Lauren Koss -- Publicity Director/ Education & Outreach Coordinator

Lauren graduated summa cum laude from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, in 2000. She moved to Washington County in 2006. She has held a diverse array of jobs—running a café; doing layout and design for a weekly newspaper; singing with jazz and rock bands; compiling an arts and culture guide and planning a music series. All of these experiences are linked by her urge to communicate—whether through the flavor of the soup of the day, the way a print ad might pop as you page by, or in a turn of phrase that might stand out in the barrage of weekly emails. She enjoys applying her communicative fervor to the needs of the EAC, whose lineup of events gets her “all jazzed up.”


Will Lopez -- Facilities Manager

Will Lopez brings extensive experience and a passion for community service to the role of Facilities Manager at the Eastport Arts Center. With a background in environmental assessment, facilties management, and project management, Will is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and engaging the community in Washington County. Will holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from the State University of New York, Purchase College, and served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

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