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Where it All Began

Our Beginnings

​Eight artists, Eastport Gallery’s co-founders, germinated the Eastport Arts Center's seeds over 30 years ago. By 1990, the gallery, a magnet and hub for artists, was hosting concerts, workshops, and films. Cornerstone Theater’s 1991 production awakened a passion for theater in Eastport and Stage East was born.


Soon after, EAC incorporated as a non-profit arts organization, inviting performers and other artists to utilize our venue to promote their creative endeavors. The original Eastport Gallery, still a part of the EAC, continues to thrive, maintaining a storefront on Eastport's historic Water Street.​EAC transitioned through various “homes” before purchasing a 19th century church in downtown Eastport in 2004.


Through diverse funding and community effort the 17,000+ square foot building painstakingly has been transformed into a 106 seat theater/concert hall, lobbies, green room, large community center/gallery with commercial kitchen, teaching areas, and offices and workspaces. Energy efficiency improvements assure that EAC’s spaces are warm and welcoming year round.​


Eastport Arts Center Now​

For more than a thousand hours each year, the Eastport Arts Center vibrates with creative energies generated in rehearsals, performances, workshops, dance and yoga classes, art exhibitions, film screenings, and open mics. Community inspired events, social gatherings, and communal meals ensure that all members of our audience communities feel welcomed to experience enrichment, education, entertainment and opportunities for self-expression. We strive to be a venue and locus for creative expression, and a safe space to explore the creative process.

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