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Farn-Guillette's Workshop Included Sculpting, Glazing and Raku Firing Sessions, Video is Here!

Eastport Gallery artists—on fire with creativity! Marlys Farn-Guillette recently completed the third stage of her three-part workshop. On day one in her fully-booked class, held April 1, 2023, students stretched their creative wings in many directions as they created unique clay tiles of all sorts and sizes. Marlys' selection of delightful supplies for the artists to experiment with added an extra layer of fun.

After the clay creations dried, the students came back to glaze the pieces. On the final day, Marlys demonstrated Raku firing techniques at her home in Calais. It is a wild scene! Check out a raku firing video produced by Jude Kempe below. You can also see more of the workshop stages in the slideshow featured here, and in the image gallery below.

Marlys’ workshop is one in a series of Artists Teaching Artists classes held at Eastport Arts Center and taught by artist-members of Eastport Gallery. The next class coming up is a two-day workshop taught by Eastport Gallery member JoAnne Houlsen and former member, Deborah Jellison. It is a fun and experimental collage workshop where participants will explore techniques and materials for making hand decorated and printed papers. These patterned and custom papers will be used to create a one-of-a-kind collage. The workshop will be held on June 9 and 10. To get more details or to sign up click here.

Read more about Artist Teaching Artist workshops and other upcoming fun events at

The Gallery at 109 Water Street opens for the summer season on Friday June 2, with the Community Show as well a new show of member-artists’ works. The Gallery will host an opening reception on Saturday, June 3 from 5-7 pm.

Currently you can browse the new online show in our Virtual Gallery.

A student works on elements of their tile design.

Marlys works with student Susan Bailey.

Susan and Rachael Bailey are at work on their tiles.

Marlys gets students ready for glaze phase!

Marlys demonstrates glaze application.

Katherine Swann, with daughters Eliza and Olivia, apply glazes to their tiles.

Finished piece by Susan Bailey

Photos by Alison Brennan and Jude Kempe.

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