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207 Show Features Shead High's Outstanding Jazz Quartet—See the Video Here!

Shead High School's award winning Jazz Quartet (first place in Maine, 2nd place in the nation!)—Antonio Vizcarrondo, Kieran Weston, Nate Tardif, and Ellis Zipperer-Sánchez, along with their Director Robert Sánchez and Shead High School Principal Paul Theriault, are featured in a special episode of the 207 news show which premiered this week. Interspersed with clips of the group performing at competition and for an audience of peers, a series of interviews with 207 co-host Rob Caldwell reveal the group's modesty and passion for music, and the challenges of creating a music program in such a small school. EAC community members who thrilled at the group's April performance at the Center will enjoy taking a look! The video, plus an article about the group, are accessible here. Those interested in reading more about the group, or sending a donation to support the Shead jazz program may find information here. The students' director and arranger Robert Sanchez made note of awards won at the state and national competitions (not all of these triumphs were mentioned in the news piece): "Kieran and Antonio won 'Outstanding Musician' awards at States. Ellis won ‘Top Soloist’ (titled Dale Huff Award) at States. Ellis won the ‘Judges Choice Award’ (which identifies within the band) and also won ’Top Soloist’ in our small combo division for Nationals. (Nationals also gives out ‘Outstanding Musician' awards, but in the case of the award Ellis got—'Superior Musician’—only one person gets that with each division)."

The Shead Jazz Quartet are Ellis Zipperer-Sánchez (counter-clockwise), Kieran Weston, Nate Tardif and Antonio Vizcarrondo. Director and arranger Robert Sánchez is at left.

The Shead Jazz Quartet perform for a packed house at the EAC on April 7, 2023.

The quartet performed recently for a special assembly of peers from area schools—as well as the 207 show's cameras.


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